Eponaquest® workshops

“Authenticity and congruence is key to our emotional wellbeing. 

How we feel on the inside must match how we act on the outside, in order for us to experience more peace, calm and joy in our lives”

Eponaquest® in Freiburg im Breisgau

**In the workshops you can expect to find 

**the following:


* Nonverbal communikation with horses

* Mindful, horse-human encounters

**based on mutual respect.

* Personal insights through interactions

**with the horses, which are integrated directly.


* Getting to know new dimensions

**of personality development through

**the wisdom of horses.

Facilitating trainers:

Rosie Withey   * Bristol/ UK

Beatrice Hunkeler    * Luzern/Schweiz

Babs Jasper  * Va Grave/ The Netherlands

✨Together they will lead you through the

    exercises with the horses, wich

    can bring in into a more authentic 

    connection to yourself.


✨You will be able to learn from

    the language of the horses.


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3 day workshop october 19 page 2.jpg

At the 3-day workshop you can immerse yourself even more, if you want - Three full days together with the international coaches Rosie Withey,  Béatrice Hunkeler and Babs Jaspers, who will bring you together with the horses ​in a gentle and loving way,  based on their countless years of experience.


The 3- Day-Workshop qualifies as Introductory-Workshop for Eponaquest®  und Medicine HorseWay® (NOW). For those who are interested to go for the apprenticeship founded by  Linda Kohanov & Carol Roush.